Styling to surface a sentiment



Open surfaces tend to collect the trappings of the day.

As we were getting settled in our new home I noticed that my library cabinet, that was previously my father’s, was collecting mostly not-so-precious things such as bills, catalogs and contractor receipts. I knew there was no point in simply moving these piles of papers around or griping at my lovely husband for dropping things there.

What could I do instead that would make me pleased every time I looked at this special piece of furniture? Style it!

So I pulled together a few of our favorite books, a framed art piece that was my grandmother’s, our travel journals and a few cute containers. I played for a bit and walked away. It’s not meant to be perfect. I still move things at least weekly but now instead of a clutter catcher this surface as become a point of joy with reminders of people I’ve loved, lost and still think of daily. Personal styling makes your house feel like home.

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