See and Doe

On a recent trek north to Milwaukee I was able to sneak away from the pack gathered for a baby shower and do a bit of shopping in the Historic Third Ward district.

It seems most all of my travels in 2011 have been by air, so I rarely get to bring home something that would likely be destroyed by our lovely friends, the airlines. I knew this was my chance, so I proudly plucked this driftwood deer off the wall of a fantastic shop, Embelezar—formerly located in Bucktown (Chicago), and couldn’t tuck it into my trunk fast enough. PS) They had three sizes, this one is the mid-range.

I knew the decor possibilities with this would be wide open, here are a few fun holiday ways of working with him (name still TBD, suggestions welcome).

1) Au naturel.
2) Cozy’d up with a scarf. This one happens to be made of men’s ties from the ’50s. My mother would be SO embarrassed to be mentioned here, but yes, that is her handiwork.
3) Frazzled festive! Just glommed on ribbon of the curling variety for a fun energetic look.
4) Simple and easy, small sparkly balls of any color would do. Match to your other decor.

Whatever will become of him in the off-season? I intend to leave him up year-round.

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