Plan-Plan-Plan…wait! Celebrate!

I was really inspired (as many are) by Erin Loechner’s non-goals list for 2012. In my professional life I’m constantly setting goals – as a start up we’re revising and refocusing each quarter, rather than simply once a year. While I love the sense of accomplishment from driving my growth at such a high rate, it’s also really worth while to celebrate the small or big things that are going well, rather than always pushing for what’s next and blowing past the celebration.

So in the spirit of celebrating:

1) You’ve been an amazing support to your family through a wildly challenging time. Your courage and focus on what is important in life is inspiring. Keep it up, your father would be proud.

2) Making time for calm to hear the voices in your own mind, tap into the core of what you want is key, continue to protect that space in your life and it will lead you to what it next. Cycling, yoga, walking the dog – whatever gets you there (we both know it must be outdoors).

3) Whoa—you go on gut a lot woman! So exciting to live life that way – and to be proven more often that not that it’s the right choice. Never mind the critics and skip explaining how you came to the decision, you win some, you loose some.

4) Take those risks and keep chasing what drives you mad, in a good way. Don’t get sucked too far into anyone else’s version of what you should be doing. Stay true to what gets you out of bed in the morning.

5) Keep focusing on your marriage, it’s paying off in spades. He’s the best. And so are you.

6) I love what you’ve done with the place. Don’t beat yourself up for making fun decor purchases – and now that you’re blogging about them, indulge – it’s fodder for content!

7) Eat food, mostly plants as Michael says. Dropping meat has clarified your mind and skin, and it just happened, almost to you, rather than as a choice. Keep adding in fresh veggies, trying new flavors and techniques, play in the kitchen is good.

What needs celebrating in your life? Share one or two of your own non-goals by leaving a comment or posting a link to your own list.

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