Bookworm // Salad for Dinner

I needed another cookbook like I needed a hole in my head, or so I thought. But Mother does know best and I’m so glad she picked this one up for me.

Salads, when made well, really are a luxurious experience. With produce boxes arriving weekly from my CSA, largely stuffed with many varieties of greens, I had to find a way to change it up a bit from the sliced carrot, walnuts and parm that usually top the side salad at any given meal around my house.

Enter, Salad for Dinner, by Jeanne Kelley. (insert heavenly epiphany sound here please)

This book actually makes me want a salad… for dinner. Shock and awe!
Beside focusing on salads by categories such as vegetarian, fish & seafood, poultry and meat, it also includes a powerful and straightforward primer on everything from which types of greens to use when and how to perfect proportions of your favorite toppings. So you avoid that embarrassing too-much-bleu-cheese thing (you all know what I’m talking about).

I do wish that every one of these amazing salads had a photo which isn’t the case, but I do understand photos make production quite expensive, so I’ll overlook it. Also, most if not all of the recipes employ fairly common ingredients, so simply reading the recipe usually gets my mouth to watering.

What’s in your local CSA boxes this time of year and what killer salad topping combos do you go-to? (Um, hello below – Everything is better with an egg right?!)

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This Friday I’m Into…

Pretty flowers. If you asked my mom she’d say those were my first words. Probably something more like “pitty fauers” but you get the idea. As she recounts the story, she laid me down on a blanket under the lilac bush while she worked in the garden and I batted at the blooms and uttered my first words. Those were the days.
Having fresh cut flowers around the house feels like a luxury to me most of the time, so it’s awesome when something blooms in my yard and I can simply snip-snip and bring them inside.
This morning I grabbed an old jelly jar, spun on some washi tape and plunked a bloom down to brighten up the bathroom. What’s blooming in your yard right now?
Oh – and of course, happy Mother’s Day weekend. Mom, thanks for remembering the little things and reminding me to be present for them in my life.

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Cute Tues

Most days just call for something simple and pretty. This just came together for me on a whim and I had to share.

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This Friday I’m Into…

Black and white (or neutral) for home, clothes, accessories, tabletop – you name it, I love it.
As long as I can remember I’ve been awestruck by wide black and white awning stripes. At age eight I demanded to paint large graphics, or at least stripes on my walls, begging for my parents to approve the bold graphic look. I insisted they belonged in my life.

Now that I no longer need to beg for permission, I look around my house and through my closet and find that this penchant for strong contrast has never really waned. The FLOR squares in my dining room are wide black and white, the chairs are black, the trim is white and the walls are gray. I just can’t quit this.

What is your go-to combo? The one that even though you don’t set out to have it, always follows you home.

Moodboard Sources: umbrella girl; art; sweater; plaid book; necklace; bedroom; skirt; tray.

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This Friday I’m Into…

While running errands, on more than one occasion, I’ve noticed women wearing a completely unpractical number of bracelets, bangles, etc – big ones! For me this enlivened two things: nostalgia and envy.

My grandmother piled on jewelry as if she had no dressing table on which to leave any of it. She was glamorous beyond compare for such a small Iowa town. My clearest memories of her are always in a skirt, strappy-heels and a beautiful flowy silk blouse, her hair pinned up in curls and jewelry adorning every available surface.

I immediately found myself envious of this completely impractical indulgence of glamour and ran home to rifle through my drawers to find some of her old pieces, some of my news ones and dream of what fun beauties await being added to my collection.

The smooth wood, green jewels and silver lattice pieces were all my grandmother’s.

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