Pantone Perfect

In NYC this week I was lucky enough to have spare time to poke my head into Purl Soho, you know, those brilliant knitters who share their ideas and gorgeous yarn on

I picked up some of their Super Soft Merino in Ballet Pink (ahem, Pantone 9241) which should make the prettiest cable knit scarf.

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This Friday I’m Into…

Chandelier rehab!

Everyone knows you can buy a dated brass chandelier and spray it fabulous, but have you ever considered covering one in fabrics and ribbon?! This girl did, not me (I wish!), a woman in Iowa who’s home my mother was in this week.

This idea has my head spinning. What if we did this with colored floss, thread, knit?!! The possibilities are endless. Heading out to thrift a more mod-shaped fixture myself.

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Lions & Tigers & Babies, Oh My!

When I was a little girl my dad woke me up before dawn one day for one of my most memorable childhood experiences. I had no idea what he was up to, but I could tell he was excited to share something special. After a short drive, we were surrounded by the hustle and bustle of a real life circus train unloading before my eyes.

We huddled on steel bleachers in the fog of this cool morning, and watched as elephants lumbered down ramps, where they gathered in a large dirt parking lot. They made their way across the street, trunks holding tails, where they helped to raise the large circus tent I’d find myself inside two nights later, beaming with excitement while munching on popcorn.

For my cousin’s baby shower, her first boy, I wanted to recreate those childlike feelings of anticipation that rise within me whenever I think about my first circus.

A nudge from a friend and her offer to co-host the shower was just the spark needed to start the fire of preparation. Enjoy the look around the event!

What feelings do you like to conjure for your gatherings?

Photos: upper) assorted cupcakes & gold giraffe; lower: 1) wax paper cups with cupcake liners, flavored popcorn; 2) homespun fabric pennants on jute twine, washi tape flags on sticks; 3) mini succulents wrapped by paper tickets, washi tape “thank you” flags on toothpicks, chevron paper gift bags to-go; 4) momma & party straws for mimosas and juice; 5) guests paint blocks for baby instead of games.

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Make the most of it: Blogs for Business


Many of you have heard me gush about the amazing and transformative experience I had last year at the Altitude Design Summit (Alt for short) in Salt Lake City. Well due to the move, and all associated chaos, I lost track of the ticket on-sale date for the 2013 event. (boo! hiss!)

That doesn’t mean that many of you weren’t savvy enough to snap up a ticket or two, so for those of you who did, or even those who are attending other conferences (design/blog focused or otherwise), I wanted to share this simple and sweet post by the folks at Alt as it was featured on their new blog. And of course, for blogging inspiration and business advice check out the new Alt blog.

Three goals for a blogging conference.

Another fave of mine for all things business do/don’t may not come as a surprise to many. It’s the Design Sponge series, Biz Ladies and you can find it here.

Both of these sites are packed with actionable tips that can remind you of something you’ve buried in your to-do list, or leaving you feeling energized and inspired to tackle something new.

Head West!

This extended hiatus brought to you by my move to sunny Portland, OR, on three weeks notice no less!

Of course I’ll share snip-its from the trip. Huz and I will be driving out in a big yella Penske truck + our vehicle and pets beginning Tuesday. Here’s hoping for a quick trip or maybe a slow one filled with unexpected celebrations along the way. I think we’ll be taking the northern route, looping us through eight states and numerous state and national parks. Really excited to see much of this for the first time, as I’ve only made this trip via air previously.

Mass cuteness abounds in the city that puts a bird on everything. Get more familiar with my new city via Portlandia. It’s all really quite accurate ;)

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