My name is Jensie, and I hoard pretty office supplies.

A big thank you to a Twitter contact of mine, Brandi, for helping me discover this fantastic Etsy seller, Infusion Natural Fibers.
Moments after clicking the link in Brandi’s tweet, I was face-to-face, err…zipper, with a herringbone and leather pencil pouch that was demanding I order it immediately. I’d been on the lookout for the perfect pencil case for more than a year now and I had a feeling this was it. As I browsed Infusion’s other wares, I fell in love over and over again. Along the way, sparking to a shocking-turquoise zipper on a cotton canvas case. I made what felt to me at the time like a risky request, for the artist to pair the turquoise zipper with the herringbone fabric for my pencil case (insert dramatic music and beams of sun, only joking). I still hope I didn’t offend Infusion’s design sensibilities… lo and behold my case arrived and it’s just what I’d been hunting for!

The two pics below, via Infusion, are of some of the other items I’m eyeing… what is your favorite piece?

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