It’s about love people

OK, I admit it, I’m one of those people that actually loves Valentine’s Day. And it’s not because I was a girl who was always struggling with a huge bouquet from a boy on my way out of junior high, because I wasn’t.
I love Valentine’s day for all of the girly reasons that have little-to-nothing to do with boys. I enjoy sending Valentine’s to nearly everyone I know, flowers to best friends, cupcakes to the office and such nonsense as felt-heart bombing my husband or close friends (never give me keys to your house/car).
I think things thrown together the night before in a mad panic spark awesome creativity and communicate much more than a mini-roll of Life Savers stuck to a punch-out Cherub.
So think of anyone who you appreciate, do something big or small, anything, just send some good karma out today and let someone know they make your life even slightly more enjoyable.
To all the haters, at least I don’t dress up for it (this fuchsia cardigan is by complete coincidence). xoxo

PS) Semi-unrelated: In fourth-grade on Valentine’s Day I had chicken pox and then-boyfriend (he let me wear his Swatch so it was pretty serious) had his mom drive him to my house so he could hand off my box of valentines from school along with a teddy bear holding a heart that read “I LOVE YOU” – we got married. Just kidding. The man who is now my husband and true love got me a wireless router for our first Valentine’s day – THAT’s romance people. ;)
How do you celebrate (or not)?

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