Bookworm // Salad for Dinner

I needed another cookbook like I needed a hole in my head, or so I thought. But Mother does know best and I’m so glad she picked this one up for me.

Salads, when made well, really are a luxurious experience. With produce boxes arriving weekly from my CSA, largely stuffed with many varieties of greens, I had to find a way to change it up a bit from the sliced carrot, walnuts and parm that usually top the side salad at any given meal around my house.

Enter, Salad for Dinner, by Jeanne Kelley. (insert heavenly epiphany sound here please)

This book actually makes me want a salad… for dinner. Shock and awe!
Beside focusing on salads by categories such as vegetarian, fish & seafood, poultry and meat, it also includes a powerful and straightforward primer on everything from which types of greens to use when and how to perfect proportions of your favorite toppings. So you avoid that embarrassing too-much-bleu-cheese thing (you all know what I’m talking about).

I do wish that every one of these amazing salads had a photo which isn’t the case, but I do understand photos make production quite expensive, so I’ll overlook it. Also, most if not all of the recipes employ fairly common ingredients, so simply reading the recipe usually gets my mouth to watering.

What’s in your local CSA boxes this time of year and what killer salad topping combos do you go-to? (Um, hello below – Everything is better with an egg right?!)

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Cute Tues

Most days just call for something simple and pretty. This just came together for me on a whim and I had to share.

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My Calendar: from overloaded to energized

EXCITING UPDATE! I’ve launched my minimalist planner on Kickstarter. With minimal design cues the annual is much more flexible than your average Day Runner. Unlabeled fields of lines, white space and grids help guide, but don’t direct what goes where. Perfect for Washi tape!

Follow me on Instagram for the link the moment it goes live. #calmplacetoplan #plantheannual

So we all know I have a penchant for Russell + Hazel binders, organizers and their mini datebook. The other day I was gazing at my google calendar, the bright bars that pepper my every day, and wishing I had a calendar that was of a higher-level view, so I could see the ebb and flow of projects, understand when I was likely to be swamped, and when I could say yes to small single-day projects to keep my creative energy up.
So I combined two of my faves, the Russell + Hazel mini date book with washi tapes! Hooray!
I mark multi-day projects with various colored tapes and write over them to label. Now I smile when I look at my month-in-view and can’t help but get excited rather than overwhelmed by what is coming up next!

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It’s about love people

OK, I admit it, I’m one of those people that actually loves Valentine’s Day. And it’s not because I was a girl who was always struggling with a huge bouquet from a boy on my way out of junior high, because I wasn’t.
I love Valentine’s day for all of the girly reasons that have little-to-nothing to do with boys. I enjoy sending Valentine’s to nearly everyone I know, flowers to best friends, cupcakes to the office and such nonsense as felt-heart bombing my husband or close friends (never give me keys to your house/car).
I think things thrown together the night before in a mad panic spark awesome creativity and communicate much more than a mini-roll of Life Savers stuck to a punch-out Cherub.
So think of anyone who you appreciate, do something big or small, anything, just send some good karma out today and let someone know they make your life even slightly more enjoyable.
To all the haters, at least I don’t dress up for it (this fuchsia cardigan is by complete coincidence). xoxo

PS) Semi-unrelated: In fourth-grade on Valentine’s Day I had chicken pox and then-boyfriend (he let me wear his Swatch so it was pretty serious) had his mom drive him to my house so he could hand off my box of valentines from school along with a teddy bear holding a heart that read “I LOVE YOU” – we got married. Just kidding. The man who is now my husband and true love got me a wireless router for our first Valentine’s day – THAT’s romance people. ;)
How do you celebrate (or not)?

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Gray, gray or… gray?


I’m playing a bit with what hue the bathroom walls will end up. An informal poll via Twitter is favoring charcoal… but I may go even darker – a bit toward a navy… or possibly chalkboard black.

Taking inspiration from the latest issue of Anthology magazine’s cover, the House Beautiful Color app on my iPad and a favorite towel set that I’m certain I want to continue to use in the space.

Decisions, decisions… well the snow is really coming down outside so better head to the paint store and make a choice, I can always paint it again if it’s not quite right. And of course I’ll share pics of the results either way.

What are your go-to colors for your walls? Or a favorite accent for a piece of furniture or small space?

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