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Most days just call for something simple and pretty. This just came together for me on a whim and I had to share.

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This Friday I’m Into…

Black and white (or neutral) for home, clothes, accessories, tabletop – you name it, I love it.
As long as I can remember I’ve been awestruck by wide black and white awning stripes. At age eight I demanded to paint large graphics, or at least stripes on my walls, begging for my parents to approve the bold graphic look. I insisted they belonged in my life.

Now that I no longer need to beg for permission, I look around my house and through my closet and find that this penchant for strong contrast has never really waned. The FLOR squares in my dining room are wide black and white, the chairs are black, the trim is white and the walls are gray. I just can’t quit this.

What is your go-to combo? The one that even though you don’t set out to have it, always follows you home.

Moodboard Sources: umbrella girl; art; sweater; plaid book; necklace; bedroom; skirt; tray.

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My Calendar: from overloaded to energized

EXCITING UPDATE! I’ve launched my minimalist planner on Kickstarter. With minimal design cues the annual is much more flexible than your average Day Runner. Unlabeled fields of lines, white space and grids help guide, but don’t direct what goes where. Perfect for Washi tape!

Follow me on Instagram for the link the moment it goes live. #calmplacetoplan #plantheannual

So we all know I have a penchant for Russell + Hazel binders, organizers and their mini datebook. The other day I was gazing at my google calendar, the bright bars that pepper my every day, and wishing I had a calendar that was of a higher-level view, so I could see the ebb and flow of projects, understand when I was likely to be swamped, and when I could say yes to small single-day projects to keep my creative energy up.
So I combined two of my faves, the Russell + Hazel mini date book with washi tapes! Hooray!
I mark multi-day projects with various colored tapes and write over them to label. Now I smile when I look at my month-in-view and can’t help but get excited rather than overwhelmed by what is coming up next!

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Small bite // Altitude Design Summit 2012

Since I have yet to pin down my thoughts from the ALT summit (all the creativity is still swirling and mixing) I thought I’d set the stage a bit by sharing this video done by Tiger in a Jar, on the mood of ALT 2012. Enjoy! (and psssst, who is that in the mirror at 1:58?)

What Alt Summit feels like. from ALT Summit on Vimeo.

My name is Jensie, and I hoard pretty office supplies.

A big thank you to a Twitter contact of mine, Brandi, for helping me discover this fantastic Etsy seller, Infusion Natural Fibers.
Moments after clicking the link in Brandi’s tweet, I was face-to-face, err…zipper, with a herringbone and leather pencil pouch that was demanding I order it immediately. I’d been on the lookout for the perfect pencil case for more than a year now and I had a feeling this was it. As I browsed Infusion’s other wares, I fell in love over and over again. Along the way, sparking to a shocking-turquoise zipper on a cotton canvas case. I made what felt to me at the time like a risky request, for the artist to pair the turquoise zipper with the herringbone fabric for my pencil case (insert dramatic music and beams of sun, only joking). I still hope I didn’t offend Infusion’s design sensibilities… lo and behold my case arrived and it’s just what I’d been hunting for!

The two pics below, via Infusion, are of some of the other items I’m eyeing… what is your favorite piece?

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