Cute Tues // Get those pics off your phone

I love photos
I love thick paper
I love small things

Enter, the Print Studio app.
(& their website version)

This was one of those “must download” apps that lingered in my phone for months before I got around to ever opening it. I can’t believe I waited so long! I ordered 40-some photos, literally, from my bed one morning and three days later FedEx dropped off a sweet little package and the fun of all the things to do with these little prints multiplied from there.

I tried the tiny pics:
– in sets within a larger frame
– as gift tags
– as a fun surprise in my husband’s wallet
– as KOLO box labels

What will I try next? A 2014 pic-a-day calendar

After all, they are small.

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Pantone Perfect

In NYC this week I was lucky enough to have spare time to poke my head into Purl Soho, you know, those brilliant knitters who share their ideas and gorgeous yarn on

I picked up some of their Super Soft Merino in Ballet Pink (ahem, Pantone 9241) which should make the prettiest cable knit scarf.

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Lions & Tigers & Babies, Oh My!

When I was a little girl my dad woke me up before dawn one day for one of my most memorable childhood experiences. I had no idea what he was up to, but I could tell he was excited to share something special. After a short drive, we were surrounded by the hustle and bustle of a real life circus train unloading before my eyes.

We huddled on steel bleachers in the fog of this cool morning, and watched as elephants lumbered down ramps, where they gathered in a large dirt parking lot. They made their way across the street, trunks holding tails, where they helped to raise the large circus tent I’d find myself inside two nights later, beaming with excitement while munching on popcorn.

For my cousin’s baby shower, her first boy, I wanted to recreate those childlike feelings of anticipation that rise within me whenever I think about my first circus.

A nudge from a friend and her offer to co-host the shower was just the spark needed to start the fire of preparation. Enjoy the look around the event!

What feelings do you like to conjure for your gatherings?

Photos: upper) assorted cupcakes & gold giraffe; lower: 1) wax paper cups with cupcake liners, flavored popcorn; 2) homespun fabric pennants on jute twine, washi tape flags on sticks; 3) mini succulents wrapped by paper tickets, washi tape “thank you” flags on toothpicks, chevron paper gift bags to-go; 4) momma & party straws for mimosas and juice; 5) guests paint blocks for baby instead of games.

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This Friday I’m Into…

Pretty flowers. If you asked my mom she’d say those were my first words. Probably something more like “pitty fauers” but you get the idea. As she recounts the story, she laid me down on a blanket under the lilac bush while she worked in the garden and I batted at the blooms and uttered my first words. Those were the days.
Having fresh cut flowers around the house feels like a luxury to me most of the time, so it’s awesome when something blooms in my yard and I can simply snip-snip and bring them inside.
This morning I grabbed an old jelly jar, spun on some washi tape and plunked a bloom down to brighten up the bathroom. What’s blooming in your yard right now?
Oh – and of course, happy Mother’s Day weekend. Mom, thanks for remembering the little things and reminding me to be present for them in my life.

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My Calendar: from overloaded to energized

EXCITING UPDATE! I’ve launched my minimalist planner on Kickstarter. With minimal design cues the annual is much more flexible than your average Day Runner. Unlabeled fields of lines, white space and grids help guide, but don’t direct what goes where. Perfect for Washi tape!

Follow me on Instagram for the link the moment it goes live. #calmplacetoplan #plantheannual

So we all know I have a penchant for Russell + Hazel binders, organizers and their mini datebook. The other day I was gazing at my google calendar, the bright bars that pepper my every day, and wishing I had a calendar that was of a higher-level view, so I could see the ebb and flow of projects, understand when I was likely to be swamped, and when I could say yes to small single-day projects to keep my creative energy up.
So I combined two of my faves, the Russell + Hazel mini date book with washi tapes! Hooray!
I mark multi-day projects with various colored tapes and write over them to label. Now I smile when I look at my month-in-view and can’t help but get excited rather than overwhelmed by what is coming up next!

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