Carry On // the perfect bag for every ALT SLC moment


There are a lot of great lists on what to wear to ALTsummit, how to stay warm in the expansive ballrooms and ideas to make the most of those business cards you stressed over. Now that all of that is sorted, oh wait, what oh-so-styling accompaniment will you use to carry all your brilliance around? Here are some suggestions of the perfect bag for each major moment.

1) At sponsor dinners
Something small is all you’ll need. A punch of color + fun tassel? What’s not to love! Perfect size for biz card swapping and stashing, smartphone and a bit o’ cash.

2) In sessions, for the lug-it-all lady
Enough room for everything and everything else you’ll pick up along the way. A memorable shape and details will help others recognize you day-to-day.

3) In sessions, for the minimalist chick
When something digital and a few cards is enough, go with a pretty sleeve in a fabric that says something about your style. For me, being in Portland it’s all about wool and leather.

4) For the green party
No green dress? (insert Barenaked Ladies song reference here) No worries! Bring a green accessory instead of killing yourself in some vintage shop the day before your flight leaves.

5) All around the mini parties
This might sound counter-intuitive, but a thin and lightweight leather tote will be hands-free and perfect for all the swag that you’re likely to find yourself lining up early to snag.

New bags or vintage, one bag or five, your accessories say a lot about your personal style. And, at a place like ALT, can help others remember who you are and recognize you from across the room. See you there!

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