This Friday I’m Into…

Pretty flowers. If you asked my mom she’d say those were my first words. Probably something more like “pitty fauers” but you get the idea. As she recounts the story, she laid me down on a blanket under the lilac bush while she worked in the garden and I batted at the blooms and uttered my first words. Those were the days.
Having fresh cut flowers around the house feels like a luxury to me most of the time, so it’s awesome when something blooms in my yard and I can simply snip-snip and bring them inside.
This morning I grabbed an old jelly jar, spun on some washi tape and plunked a bloom down to brighten up the bathroom. What’s blooming in your yard right now?
Oh – and of course, happy Mother’s Day weekend. Mom, thanks for remembering the little things and reminding me to be present for them in my life.

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Cute Tues

Most days just call for something simple and pretty. This just came together for me on a whim and I had to share.

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