This Friday I’m Into…

Black and white (or neutral) for home, clothes, accessories, tabletop – you name it, I love it.
As long as I can remember I’ve been awestruck by wide black and white awning stripes. At age eight I demanded to paint large graphics, or at least stripes on my walls, begging for my parents to approve the bold graphic look. I insisted they belonged in my life.

Now that I no longer need to beg for permission, I look around my house and through my closet and find that this penchant for strong contrast has never really waned. The FLOR squares in my dining room are wide black and white, the chairs are black, the trim is white and the walls are gray. I just can’t quit this.

What is your go-to combo? The one that even though you don’t set out to have it, always follows you home.

Moodboard Sources: umbrella girl; art; sweater; plaid book; necklace; bedroom; skirt; tray.

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This Friday I’m Into…

While running errands, on more than one occasion, I’ve noticed women wearing a completely unpractical number of bracelets, bangles, etc – big ones! For me this enlivened two things: nostalgia and envy.

My grandmother piled on jewelry as if she had no dressing table on which to leave any of it. She was glamorous beyond compare for such a small Iowa town. My clearest memories of her are always in a skirt, strappy-heels and a beautiful flowy silk blouse, her hair pinned up in curls and jewelry adorning every available surface.

I immediately found myself envious of this completely impractical indulgence of glamour and ran home to rifle through my drawers to find some of her old pieces, some of my news ones and dream of what fun beauties await being added to my collection.

The smooth wood, green jewels and silver lattice pieces were all my grandmother’s.

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