My Mood Today

So as you may or may not know – I’m enrolled in a lovely online blogging course hosted by none other than Holly Becker of Decor8 fame. From time to time Holly encourages us to do little homework assignments and I thought it’d be fun to share this one with you all. It’s a bit thrown together but it does express a few things about my personal style and things or textures that I love. The intent was to create a moodboard that expresses the style of your blog. I think this does the trick – would be curious to see if you agree after poking around a bit!

The Perfect Plant?

Small? Check.
Cute? Check.

Easy to care for? Let’s hope so. I couldn’t resist this low and wide terracotta pot with the white painted rim when I came across it. Then began the hunt for a plant, or selection of plants that would be well suited to such an odd shape.

I happily selected each of these darling little succulents for shape, size, color and texture and combined them, hopefully not too closely.

But now what? Someone who knows more than I about fostering plant life past the first week, please chime in on the must-dos for keeping these tiny joys alive. Thanks in advance.

Behind the curtain

I wanted to share this shot with everyone who wonders what happens at a photo shoot. This was shot inside a multi-set studio of one of the larger magazine publishing companies. I was ironing out some bed linens, so glamorous right?, and thought to snap a bit of all the creative chaos. Enjoy!

What does your craft, or living, or dining room look like when you’re creating? I’d love to see it!

Gettin’ the word out

There are a million card designs out there but a personal favorite for high style on minimal budget is through

They offer super-cute slim-profile cards (standard width so they still fit wallets and Rolodex sleeves) on the cheap but they come on yummy stock with your choice of beautiful designs – printed double-sided of course, and come in the most fun-to-touch box. I even sprang for the fun key chain that keeps about 10 of them at the ready anytime I have my keys!



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